OnePlus 9 Pro Camera Review & Comparison Test vs iPhone 12 Pro Max, Galaxy S21 Ultra: Improved!

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Oneplus 9 Series was announced today, with the Oneplus 9 Pro Price in India starting at Rs 64,990. In this video we do a detailed Oneplus 9 Pro Camera Review, testing out all the Oneplus 9 Pro Camera Features and also check out Oneplus 9 Pro vs Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera Comparison and Oneplus 9 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Test.
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Video Highlights:
00:00​​​ Introduction
00:45 Camera Specs
02:04 New Modes & Features
04:12​​ Daylight Photos
06:40 Ultrawide & Macros
07:44 Telephoto
08:55​ Portraits
09:25​​​ Selfies
10:06​ Low-Light
12:22​​​ Video Recording
15:03 Low-Light Video
15:39 Focusing Speeds
16:09​​​ Verdict

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